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An Experience at a Village Home Stay

Homestay experience in Bhutan

Stay as a guest in a Bhutanese home stay!

We offer valuable experiences, which is the opportunity to live as a villager in a Bhutanese home stay. Many of our travelers have reported how special the experience is. Living with a Bhutanese family allows them to understand the Bhutanese culture better and feel at home in Bhutan.

Host families working with us have a desire to interact with people from other cultures and to share their own. Guests are welcomed in the home stay with open arms and immediately treated like a family member. The travelers receive three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and these meals are shared together with the family.

Learn from each other

Guests get the opportunity to practice the languages they learn during the stay, and the family members will also take the chance to improve their English. Many families have young children with whom the guests stay interact and teach English in a fun way. Guests are often invited to social events in the home stay such as special pujas (religious ceremonies), festivals and weddings. This allows the volunteers to experience Bhutan in a truly unforgettable way.

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